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District Helpdesk Specialist:
Joe Gutierrez
(314) 213-8146 (or internal extension 1000)
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Building-level Support

Each elementary school has a dedicated Library and Technology Aide to troubleshoot technology-related issues and help with device management. Our middle schools and high schools have technology aides and device specialists available to provide just-in-time classroom support for problems with technology. Additionally, Pattonville has eight certified District Technology Specialists that work in the buildings to support teachers with instructional technology and to provide technology professional development.

Technology Building Support Staff


New Employee Technology Accounts

After the Human Resources department finalizes onboarding for a new staff member and they set their status as "active", a semi-automated process for technology account creation kicks off.  Because of nightly sync processes, it can take up to 5 days for all new technology accounts to be set up and a device prepared for a new employee. System access is granted based on an employee's role. If you and your supervisor believe you do not have access to necessary accounts/doors by day 5 of employment, contact our Technology Helpdesk.


Technology Policies

Technology Usage Policy (EHB) – References who can use district technology and for what purpose; describes district oversight and right to monitor as needed; references our requirement for Internet content filtering; and addresses expectations for human behavior.

Data Governance and Security Policy (EHBC) – Identifies Information Security Officers (ISO) who implement and enforce policies/procedures regarding protecting electronic data; specifies requirements for approval of online services and applications


Department Contacts:

Director of Technology/ISO – Greg Southard

Assistant Director of Technology – Dr. Tammy Hasheider

Executive Secretary – Rebecca Klenke (ext. 1044)


Other contacts: Staff Directory


Department Responsibilities

The Technology Services department provides district-wide services for instructional and administrative technology. A team of 17 department staff members support more than 6,000 instructional and office computers as well as mobile phones, iPads, media equipment, printers and copiers.
The department provides the following services to the district:
  • Assists instructional staff in the integration of technology into student learning experiences.
  • Manages Student Data Privacy Agreements with technology providers.
  • Facilitates cybersecurity and phishing training for all staff.
  • Provides staff development in technology use and integration.
  • Collaborates with the District Technology Specialists in the development of technology competencies and assessments.
  • Manages e-mail system, student information system, financial and employee information system, library system, phone system and learning management system.
  • Manages wired and wireless LAN (local area networks), WAN (wide area network) and Internet connectivity.
  • Supplies, maintains, and updates computer hardware and software.
  • Creates and maintains Pattonville websites.